Private Lessons

Does your dog have behaviours that leave you feeling frustrated, embarrassed or angry? Start to enjoy your dog more, with the help of our In-Home Private Lessons. 

Behaviour Modification Lessons

Loose Leash Walking & General Manners

Tired of having your shoulder pulled out of its socket every time you go for a walk? Do you cringe every time your dog jumps all over the visitors? Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy a leisurely walk or take your dog to brunch on Sunday morning? How proud of your dog would you be, when they greeted the visitors gently and calmly? Walking on a loose lead and general manners are important every day life skills for family dogs. Let us show you how!

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Behavioural Problems

Is your dog timid and lacking confidence?

Does your dog get aggressive on the lead?

Is there tension or fighting among the dogs in your family?

Have you had enough of your dog's destructive behaviours?

You are not alone! We can help you with these, and many more behavioural issues.


We get started with an Initial Behaviour Assessment & Lesson, which goes for about 2 hours. In this lesson we assess the dog to establish the underlying reason for the behaviours they are exhibiting, as effective behaviour modification is not achieved with a "one-method-suits all" approach. Once we understand your dog, we can tailor a training program specific to their needs. 

In this first lesson we also cover:

  • How to implement the right structure & boundaries in your dog's life

  • How to be an effective leader for your dog and gain their respect

  • How to communicate clearly with your dog

  • The first practical skills your dog will need to succeed


To continue your dog's training we have designed a range of Private Training Programs to choose from.  Once we have completed the Initial Assessment & Lesson, and determined your dog's training needs, we will be able to discuss which options will be best for you.


Follow up lessons are usually 1 hour in duration.

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