Canine Clowns

Is your dog chewing or digging up your yard & home?

Are you struggling to wear your dog out?

Is your dog a bit of a Nervous Nelly around other dogs?

Are you or dog feeling bored or frustrated with your current training?

Are you looking for a fun activity to enjoy with your dog?

Then Canine Clowns is for you!

Benefits of Trick Training

  • Builds confidence & resilience

  • Encourages thinking & good decision making

  • Channels excess energy into positive activities

  • Increases mental stimulation , therefore helping to reduce boredom based behaviours such as chewing, digging & barking

  • Provides fun, motivational based training which builds the bond & trust between dog & owner

  • Increases focus on the owner around distractions

  • Increases flexibility, strength & balance

The Details

When:                 Saturday Mornings 

Where:                Wilsonton State High School

Course Duration:   5 Weeks

Lesson Duration:   45 minutes

Course Cost:         $165 (inc GST)

"Think Canine's Clown course is pure enjoyment for both owner and dog. Katrina's laid back method of teaching how to get your dog to do cool tricks is FUN and rewarding. I think that the Canine staff were all really helpful and thank you for a great course."
Rick and Elle

"I can highly recommend this class. My lab Ferdie and I have had such a good time. Neither of us is particularly skilful at the tricks but just going along each week and practicing at home has been wonderful for our bond and to learn something new."

Carly & Ferdie

"My Kelpie and I completed the K9 Clown Course just recently. We had so much fun and it was a lovely relaxed environment."

Chelsea & Cadbury