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Every dog-owner relationship is unique. We create individual, personalised training solutions based on understanding the needs of both the dog and the owner.

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Has walking your dog become an unpleasant chore because they pull you down the street, or bark & lunge at other dogs?

Have you just got a new puppy and are feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to handle the

jumping up, nipping, whining and toilet training?

Are you at a loss on how to get your dog to calm down and listen to you?

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RELAX! We are here to help!

Imagine.....that enjoyable feeling of taking your dog for a relaxed walk down the street after work.

Imagine.....having the confidence of knowing exactly how to respond when your puppy nips at you in excitement, or is whining at the back door. No more worrying about "Am I doing the right thing??"

Imagine.....calling your dog's name and they come running to you!

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