Group Obedience Classes

Our Family Dog Obedience course is our Beginners Level Obedience Training course. It is run as a 6 week block to set you up with solid communication skills and obedience foundations. 

For those keen to keep training after Family Dog Obedience, we have our NEW Intermediate Obedience Course. 

Family Dog Obedience 2020

The first lesson is an owner-only theory lesson where we teach you:

How to create effective leadership & gain your dog's respect

How to communicate with your dog
How to reduce over-excitability & create a calmer dog
How to address jumping up and biting

In the remaining 5 lessons you will learn:

Leash handling skills
Loose leash walking
Come when called
Place Training
How to be calm around other dogs

When:    Saturdays 8:00-9:00am

Where:   Wilsonton State High School

             275 North Street, Toowoomba

Age:       From 5 months to adults all ages

Requirements:  Current C5 Vaccination

                      No prior learning required

As this course often books out quickly, preference will be given to pups that have already attended Puppy Preschool with Think Canine. 

Intermediate Obedience

Our Intermediate Obedience Course is a continuation of our Family Dog Obedience. Again we are focusing on obedience required for family dogs and daily life. This is not competition or sport obedience training.


We continue to develop the skills learnt in Family Dog Obedience and introduce some new ones:

Long lead (5m) Stays and Recall

Longer duration Stays

Loose Leash Walking

Place Training

Return to Heel

Leave It

Introduction to Free Shaping

Impulse Control & Training Under Heavier Distractions

When:    Saturdays 9:15-10:15am

Where:   Wilsonton State High School

             275 North Street, Toowoomba

Cost:      $195 (inc GST)

Requirements:  Current C5 Vaccination

                      Completed Family Dog Obedience Classes OR

                      Achieved the required obedience level through 

                      one of our Private Training Programs OR 

                      Completed Family Dog Obedience ONLINE

                      5 meter lead (available for purchase)